Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano prints offer classic examples of fine art at it's best, and this website offers information on the great artist Jack Vettriano.

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Tapestries are more suited to traditional artists and framed giclee prints are the best way to enjoy Vettriano originals.

Vettriano's best print is The Singing Butler.

Jack Vettriano has become a true artistic icon in the UK thanks to great artistic achievements over the past 25 years, rising from a young intrigued Scottish artist to become well known around the world, particularly in his native Britain and across the pond in the US.

His growing popularity has led to major exhibitions and interest whenever his paintings come up for sale.

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Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery in Kirkcaldy was the nearest option for Vettriano to expand his ideas from his hometown of Methil in Fife, Scotland.

It was here that he initially found the opportunity to take in new influences and gain the passion for art that was later to inspire his career.

It is another example of how taking art to the wider parts of a country can yield incredible results, and a good reason that galleries across the UK should be increased and widened.

Jack Vettriano is a painter who came from a relatively working-class background and as such he did not receive the initial training that one would assume when first seeing his oil paintings.

The style of Vettriano is perhaps very much his own because of this. The artist will generally produce photographs of pre-arranged scenes with models used to capture his exact ideas.

He invariably will then produce paintings on his own and refer only to the photographs as a guide.

Despite this approach the artist still manages to portray characters well and certainly no message or emotion is lost from Vettriano painting from photographs.

As Vettriano's success continued he was able to fund almost any scene that he required for his works, and quickly found prefered models that he liked to include in suitable paintings.

There were also consistent themes in his paintings with erotic scenes in many offering an insight into the character's private lives.

This would always intrigue the viewer which was his intention.

Despite his qualities as an artist Vettriano found difficulties when trying to capture models in his works directly as he surprisingly lacked the confidence to do so, and much prefers to capture them in photographs instead.

There is almost a film director feel to the artist as he carefully chooses suitable models for each piece and then consults with them in detail over their required pose, mood, makeup and clothing.

The painter always had a clear idea in his mind of what was required and this helped the models to match it.

It is his desire to achieve exactly the best he can in his art that drives him to strive beyond his naturally shy demeanor to direct models with the clarity required.

£744,800 was the extraordinary price tag given to Jack Vettriano's The Singing Butler when sold in 2005.

It remains the highest price for a Scottish painting ever, and even this work was subjected to controversy and critical comments over a supposed similarity in part to another work.

Vettriano seems an artist who is sometimes senstive to criticism but crucially the artistic public still continue to be drawn to his works.

Vettriano's career took off at the end of the 1980s when he appeared in the Royal Scottish Academy annual show.

The prints and paintings on offer from Vettriano gained immediate interest and sold within the early stages of that show, allowing him to realise the ability that he held.

The annual show proved fundamental to Vettriano's rise as other works not included also received interest from various galleries who quickly realised his talents and potential success for the future.

It was from then on that he continued to rise in popularity as classics like The Singing Butler, And So to Bed, Bad Boy, Her Secret Life, Just Another Day and so on.

In recent years the artist has come to appreciate his art and the positive impact it has on his large fanbase, and is less inclined to worry about academic criticism.

Vettriano realised that his art is what it is, and his style is much loved by many, so there is little need to concern himself with more negative responses.

It was the success at the Royal Scottish Academy in 1988 which initially kicked off his rise to fame, with several galleries immediately noticing his qualities and offering to represent him.

The paintings themselves also sold very quickly, giving him a sign of what was to come in the future as his career expanded and he held enough finance to properly prepare his photographs.

Salvador Dali, Caravaggio and Monet were initial influences on the studies of this young painter as he sought to discover as many ideas as possible and would cover great numbers of textbooks in order to locate the necessary topics for study which he was later able to construct completely himself.

It is refreshing to see an artist who clearly avoided standard training and instead just researched art that interested him.

From this passion great results can come and many still believe that academic training can sometimes hinder creativity as it encourages everyone to paint a certain way.

Some seem to respond better to forging their own path, and Jack Vettriano seems to be one of those.

The Singing Butler

Dancer in Emerald

In Thoughts of You

The Picnic Party II

The Billy Boys

Thanks to his contemporary status and high popularity, Jack Vettriano exhibitions are frequent, particularly in the UK, and we include a list of recent Vettriano exhibitions in galleries and museums below:

  • Days of Wine and Roses - London - October 2010
  • The Family Business - September 2010
  • Days of Wine and Roses - March 2010
  • Homage à Tuiga - September 2009
  • Retrospective Print Exhibition - July 2009
  • Sports Portraits - April 2009
  • Tension, Timing, Triumph - Monaco - May 2008
  • Love, Devotion and Surrender - June 2006
  • Fonetography - November 2004
  • Affairs Of The Heart - June 2004
  • The International Art And Design Fair - September 2001
  • Lovers and Other Strangers - June 2000
  • Between Darkness and Dawn - June 1998
  • Half Way to Paradise - November 1996
  • The Bluebird Collection - June 1996
  • The Passion and the Pain - May 1996
  • A Date With Fate - August 1995
  • Chimes at Midnight - October 1994
  • Summers Remembered - November 1993
  • Fallen Angels - May 1993
  • God's Children - October 1992
  • Tales of Love and Other Stories - May 1992

The examples above show key exhibitions that have been put on to cover a decent number of paintings each time of this exciting Scottish painter.

Auctions have also proved popular when ever any Vettriano paintings come up for sale, and indeed many choose the cheaper option of buying reproductions of his works online as any of framed giclee prints, unframed art prinst, posters, calendars and stretched canvases.

Few hold the suitable copyright licenses required and as such it is not easy to find an affordable handmade reproduction oil painting.

Jack Vettriano has come a long way for an artist who did not receive significant training and always found it hard to believe in his own ability.

He has gone on to become one of the most popular artists around for reproductions in print or originals by art fans across the world, and his own career gets greatest interest in America and UK.

He certainly would never have anticipated his rise to fame upon receiving a small watercolour set as a gift from a girlfriend.

Of current living artists, he is certainly one of the best known and his style seems particularly suited to framed print reproductions whom many choose to buy.

The best Vettriano prints can be found from the gallery that is linked to below.

The Scottish contemporary artist's best paintings include The Singing Butler, And So to Bed, Bad Boy, Her Secret Life, Just Another Day, Blades, The Temptress, On Parade, Beautiful Dreamer, Queen of Diamonds II, Dance Me to the End of Love, The Billy Boys, The Missing Man II and In Thoughts of You.

Jack Vettriano has produced a long series of success in his career with a whole multitude of paintings and prints in his well loved style that few others have matched.

Vettriano is probably the most famous Scottish living artist and could become even more significant than that as he strives further on. Despite the scale of success it is still possible to summarise his career up to now with the most famous key works as listed below:

  • The Singing Butler
  • And So to Bed
  • Bad Boy, Good Girl
  • Suddenly One Summer
  • A Voyage Of Discovery
  • Along Came a Spider
  • Dance Me To The End Of Love
  • After The Thrill Is Gone
  • The Innocents
  • Queen of Diamonds II
  • Dance Me to the End of Love
  • The Billy Boys
  • The Missing Man II
  • In Thoughts of You
  • The Picnic Party II
  • Mad Dogs
  • Elegy for a Dead Admiral
  • Contemplation of Betrayal
  • Dancer in Emerald
  • Summer Days
  • Waltzers
  • Exit Eden
  • His Favourite Girl
  • Night in the City
  • The Weight (study)
  • Pincer Movement
  • Her Secret Life
  • Just Another Day
  • Blades
  • The Temptress
  • On Parade
  • Beautiful Dreamer
  • Bluebird at Bonneville
  • Birth of a Dream
  • Pendine Beach
  • The Pier
  • Long Time Gone
  • Blades II
  • On Parade
  • Beautiful Dreamer

Jack Vettriano is loosely referred to as a contemporary artist but his style is very much his own and few other living artists are comparable to this Scottish painter who continues to grow in popularity. Despite this, there is a list below of other famous British artists who also may be of interest to you:

  • David Hockney
  • William JMW Turner
  • John Constable
  • George Stubbs
  • Thomas Gainsborough
  • Joshua Reynolds

Jack Vettriano is perhaps the current most popular artist to have come from Scotland, and we include a list below of other well respected Scottish painters to have come from all types of art movements since the middle ages.

  • Cosmo Alexander
  • John Alexander
  • David Allan
  • Muirhead Bone
  • Mark Boyle
  • Robert Brough
  • John Byrne
  • James Cadenhead
  • George Paul Chalmers
  • Robert Colquhoun
  • Jack M. Ducker
  • Ian Fairweather
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay
  • John Watson Gordon
  • James Guthrie
  • George Heriot
  • Peter Howson
  • John Kelso Hunter
  • Hew Lorimer
  • Margaret MacDonald
  • Robert MacBryde
  • Dugald MacColl
  • James MacGillivray
  • David Mach
  • William MacTaggart
  • R.R. McIan
  • William McTaggart
  • William Miller
  • Alexander Nasmyth
  • Patrick Nasmyth
  • John Pettie
  • Henry Raeburn
  • John Robertson Reid
  • Alexander Runciman
  • Archibald Skirving
  • Reverend John Thomson
  • Jack Vettriano
  • Alison Watt
  • David Wilkie
  • Christopher Wood

Jack Vettriano is known to have been inspired by the likes of Claude Monet, Caravaggio and Salvador Dali. We include below a list of similar artists to these that you may also enjoy.

  • Rembrandt
  • Paul Cezanne
  • David Hockney